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Management team worked as developers and project managers in a new technology company specialized in open source and, in turn, marketer of proprietary technology document management solutions.In those days, the cost of document management products could only be assumed by large companies.

After studying and analyzing various document managers of the moment, the idea arises to develop an “Open Source” knowledge management system that due to its characteristics could be used by both large and small companies, but without having to assume a large investment in its acquisition.

The illusion in this new adventure and the experience accumulated in this type of applications, allowed us to commercialize and launch new versions with new functionalities. The continuous development of the product, the closeness to the clients and the response times were from our beginnings considered key factors to achieve a niche in the market.
the necessary economic milestones were reached to continue with the project while maintaining the designed roadmap, the turnover of the previous year doubled as well as that of its number of clients and collaborators.

Today our desire is to continue building collaborative relationships at all levels: with our clients, collaborators and with third-party applications that give us the possibility of offering a global solution in any organizational environment, with the firm objective of achieving the best experience. possible user.

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